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Tatuaje Miami Noellas 5 1/8 x 42

$165.00 for 25

(shipping not included)

Tatuaje has quickly become one of the most popular brands available. Launched by Pete Johnson, the buyer for the Grand Havana Room, everything bearing the Tatuaje name seems to skyrocket to the top of the ratings...and these Miami made Tatuaje cigars are fantastic!

The Miami line is the most popular release from Tatuaje and owes its success to its striking similarity to some of the most popular Cuban cigars made today. This full-bodied line of cigars is completely made by hand in Miami's famous Calle Ocho neighborhood, which is also dubbed "Little Havana." Fewer than 300,000 cigars are rolled in this line each year,

Tatuaje Cojonu 2012 Sumatra 6 x 52

$260.00 for 25

(shipping not included)

There's a secondary white band wrapped around the corners of the box-pressed Sumatra Tatuaje Cojonu 2012. This is not an age statement. Nor does the secondary band indicate limited-edition status. The Sumatra version is distinctive with its interplay of black pepper, espresso and cocoa powder flavor.  According to brand owner Pete Johnson the box pressing reduces the airflow thereby concentrating the smoke. The size also holds sentimental value to Johnson as it was not only the original vitola, but a size that was otherwise only smoked around the factory for family and friends.